Getting the best out of Aubiose

  1. Start with a clean stable.
  2. You will need approximately 8 bales for a 12’ x 12’ stable.
  3. Dampen the bed by spraying with a hose or by using approximately one gallon of water per bale as this helps the bed to settle and create a secure base.
  4. Horse/ponies are not generally tempted to eat Aubiose but as they are of an inquisitive nature we advise that when Aubiose is first used, the bed be sprayed with a weak solution of a safe disinfectant and that the horse/pony has access to it’s normal ration of forage. Persistent bed eating may cause colic.
  5. Remove droppings twice/three times a dayRemove any droppings twice/three times a day, and lightly rake the top of the bed to keep its shape.
  6. Every five to ten days (depending on the horse/pony) remove the saturated material, then top up with fresh Aubiose - average requirement is half to one bale per week.
  7. Valuable compostAubiose can be used as a deep litter bed. Remove droppings two or three times daily, lightly rake the top of the bed. Add fresh Aubiose as required.
  8. DISPOSAL: Because Aubiose is so absorbent, there will be less material removed from the stable, thus reducing the area needed for muck storage. Aubiose is made from young plants, and will break down rapidly to form a very valuable compost.