Aubiose Ambassadors

Over the past year, Aubiose sales have been through the roof as more people are experiencing the benefits and spreading the word. Creating partnerships and supporting our ambassadors is a great way of giving them a leg up in achieving their equestrian goals, as well as helping to raise even more awareness of our fantastic product.

Our bedding is used and loved by both professionals and amateurs alike, so it is really important to us that our ambassadors represent both sectors.

And it's not just riders - whole yards have switched to Aubiose once they see the benefits for themselves!

Nicki Strong

Andover's Nicki Strong, competes both on the unaffiliated circuit locally as well as eventing to BE100 with her ex-racehorse Pha Mai Blue. Nicki switched her three horses onto Aubiose this winter. She said;

“Working full time and having three horses can be very demanding - especially on the pocket and on your time! I needed a bedding which was cost effective, quick to muck out, yet still comfortable for the horses. Aubiose gave me all of those things - the real lifesaver for me is that you only take out the wet once a week which saves valuable time before work. I hope I can encourage many more people to give it a try. It's a huge boost to be working with Aubiose - I love the product and am very grateful for their support.”
Nicki Strong Photo 1 Nicki Strong Photo 2

Willow Equine Ltd

Willow Equine is a training and rehabilitation centre in Wiltshire with state of the art facilities, including a laboratory and treatment room, which cater for the diagnosis through to non-surgical treatment of horses.

They also offer a corrective shoeing service from their on site forge, run by the UK's number 1 remedial farrier. Together they have the experience and facilities to offer a collaborative service to give your horse a comprehensive programme for recovery.

Also on offer is full livery for training or rehabilitation. They have a large oval walker, infra red solarium, sand/CLOPF arena, and full size indoor stables. The yard is run and managed by Niki Dow, a qualified dressage judge and instructor.

“At Willow Equine Ltd we pride ourselves on high standards. These standards can only be met with attention to detail and top products to work with. Aubiose Horse Bedding very quickly became an essential element of our system and we haven't looked back. It's everything a horse and owner needs; easy to muck out, always bright and clean looking and very absorbent. Our muck heap takes quite a while to build up and best of all can be used as fertiliser for our fields since it composts very quickly. We have tried most bedding types available and by far this is the best. Many of our clients take our management system away with them, including Aubiose Horse Bedding!”
Willow Equine Photo 1 Willow Equine Photo 2