Aubiose Ambassadors

Over the past year, Aubiose sales have been through the roof as more people are experiencing the benefits and spreading the word. Creating partnerships and supporting our ambassadors is a great way of giving them a leg up in achieving their equestrian goals, as well as helping to raise even more awareness of our fantastic product.

Our bedding is used and loved by both professionals and amateurs alike, so it is really important to us that our ambassadors represent both sectors.

And it's not just riders - whole yards have switched to Aubiose once they see the benefits for themselves!

Nicki Strong

Andover's Nicki Strong, competes both on the unaffiliated circuit locally as well as eventing to BE100 with her ex-racehorse Pha Mai Blue. Nicki switched her three horses onto Aubiose this winter. She said;

"Working full time and having three horses can be very demanding - especially on the pocket and on your time! I needed a bedding which was cost effective, quick to muck out, yet still comfortable for the horses. Aubiose gave me all of those things - the real lifesaver for me is that you only take out the wet once a week which saves valuable time before work. I hope I can encourage many more people to give it a try. It's a huge boost to be working with Aubiose - I love the product and am very grateful for their support."
Nicki Strong Photo 1 Nicki Strong Photo 2

Gracie Lovett Brunt

"My name is Gracie Lovett Brunt, and I am a 17 year old event rider from Lincolnshire. I currently compete my two mares Jamakin Faer Trial (Arty) and Weston One Vision (Bonnie) at Novice and 2* with aims of Intermediate in the coming 2020 season. My long term ambition is to ride round the huge Burghley and Badminton courses and maybe one day compete for my country. I am lucky enough to ride Bonnie for the most supportive owner, Paul Graham. She is the most incredible mare, winning at Rockingham Castle Nu18 earlier in the 2019 season. Arty is a young horse with a bright future ahead of her, taking me round both Frickley 2* for the u18 national championship and Osberton 2* Long. She is very special to me and I can't wait to step her up to Intermediate and 3* this season as she made everything feel so easy at Novice and 2*. I feel extremely lucky to have my two horses and am very grateful for the huge amount of support my parents give me. Aubiose have committed to supporting me and I feel very lucky to have their guidance. It's lovely to have such friendly supporters who I feel like I can talk to and help promote the business. Their bedding is second to none and I wouldn't have my horses on anything else, it is quick and easy to use, doesn't smell and holds the urine well without any leaking. Thank you so much Aubiose for all your support, I hope I can make you proud and keep helping your company throughout 2020!"
Gracie Lovett Brunt

Gawsworth Track Livery

Aubiose isn't just perfect for use in your horse's stable. It also lends itself brilliantly to use for barned horses or field shelters and will save both money and time. Gasworth Track Livery, meandering through beautiful Cheshire countryside, is one of our sponsored yards and is a totally grass free way of keeping horses that promotes movement across a variety of surfaces. The horses at Gawsworth are a mix of rehabilitation metabolic and laminitic cases who need to have a carefully managed diet, increased movement and appropriate surfaces. Aubiose helps keep the equine residents feet nice and dry, is supportive to healing hooves and can cope with the high volume of traffic that the communal barn area sees. You can follow their brilliant Facebook page here for day to day updates of track life, as well as seeing Aubiose in action.

"Aubiose has worked out so brilliantly for us here at GTL. It saves us huge amounts of time and labour as it's so easy and quick to poo pick. We save hundreds of pounds each month as we only need to top up with fresh Aubiose once every 14 days, instead of daily when we were using straw. The horses love it and even our most sore and laminitic rehab horses will happily move about on our deep Aubiose beds in the barn."
Gawsworth Gawsworth

Imogen Murray

"The team spend large proportion of the day mucking out and tending to the stables, so to find a bedding brand that has so many positives for the horses and that also reduces the time taken to muck out is a huge benefit to us. It has proved very economical and the reduce wastage also means a smaller muck heap. The horses all see very happy with the change as well. It is nice to know we are using something that is a by-product and is 100% organic."
Imogen Murray